Susan O’Neill:  AFAA certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, marathon runner, mother of four young children, and fitness enthusiast.





I have run my whole life and love it, but since incorporating strength training, using my body as resistance and learning to push myself harder than I knew I could work, I lost weight, lowered my body fat percentage and got results from my hard work! Exercising hard makes me feel so great and truly helps me be a better mom and nicer wife (my hubby and kids will testify to that)!!

I love watching the Booty Campers get stronger and faster as the sessions progress.  There is an athlete in all of us and you can’t help but find your inner-athlete at SPBC!









My Story

I am a mother of 4, triplet boys and one little girl.  I love to work out and since college I have relieved stress thru exercise, mainly running.   Before my children were born, I ran 2 marathons and a dozen or so half marathons.    Once I had my boys, I still had the “need” to run.  So when they were about 4 months old, I plopped them in the triplet jogging stroller and took off running.  People would look at me and say how hard that looks and my thought was always, isn’t exercise supposed to be hard?

My boys and I had so much fun on our daily runs.  They learned shapes from road signs (saying octagon at 2 years old is really cute) and we identified birds, construction equipment, typed of trucks and cars, etc.  Because of this, I was able to be fit and really deal with the stress of having triplets.  I kept running with my boys until I became pregnant with my daughter.  Then the jogger became a single and the boys would occasionally join me on their bikes.

I found that so many moms were looking for excuses to not exercise and I would tell them, just do it – it makes you feel so good!!

I am not a naturally thin person so I was always wrestling with losing 10lbs or so.   As I got older my body changed.  I would run and run and run and look the same, same, same!  I was in great cardiovascular shape from running but did no other form of exercise to develop strength.

I found a very challenging interval-style class that I loved and hated at the same time.  It was so difficult for me to do any of the strength exercises, but I could whiz thru the cardio parts.  I made it my goal to just be able to complete this class in its entirety.  Pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and incorporating strength into my workouts, I started to change my body!

I began watching what I ate (food journal) and focusing on strength with these super hard workouts.  I lost those 10lbs and changed my shape by adding muscle.  It was so eye-opening to me to think how I could have kept running until the cows came home and I would not have seen these results.

With this enthusiasm and new found strength, I became an AFAA certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor.  I created SouthPark Boot Camp to offer fun, small group classes in a non-intimidating environment.  My body is stronger and healthier than ever.  Using my muscles in different ways at each class keeps my body guessing and reacting and gives my joints relief from the constant pounding of running.  It is such a joy to see these results in my booty campers, too, and makes me want to spread the word to all women struggling to be fit.  I want women to see how strong they really are and push thru that “I can’t” phase to get to, “I am doing it” lifestyle!

Work hard.  Feel great.  It really is that simple!!