SPBCweb-158“I started Boot Camp over 3 years ago. I was there at the very first boot camp class and have been a regular participant every week since!  The workouts are always different so we never get bored and unlike a lot of workouts, Susan’s workouts  really work our entire body.   I have always been someone who exercised regularly, but because of boot camp, I am stronger, much more toned and overall in the best shape I have ever been.  Not only is this a fantastic workout that leaves you feeling great all day, the group of people that come to boot camp are the BEST!  Even on a day when I don’t much feel like working out, I never struggle to get to a boot camp class because it is such a fun group to be with. It is social hour and work out hour in one!”

Crissy is a mother of 2 and an Integrative Health Counselor.

Crissy Dopkowski

Running the Reindeer Romp with her daughter