SouthPark Boot Camp meets ALL my expectations!

1) Bringing children is so easy and it REALLY works because the kids have their own play area at each class! There is plenty of space for everybody to play and still be at a safe distance to exercise!

2) Susan is amazingly creative with putting together classes that ALWAYS challenge all muscle groups! (Modifications always given) We’ve NEVER done the same class twice….which means we NEVER get that “bored at the gym feeling!”

3) Susan’s classes are VERY well priced….a bargain, in fact!!! Not only do you get a fantastic workout, but also health and nutrition tips too!!!

4) I LOVE how we meet at Carmel Park…this means we are outside in the fresh air, no crowded, stuffy gym.  I’m convinced this makes the workouts even more productive!

5) SPBC is an awesome, open-minded group of women…whether a mom or not…there is definitely a friend for everybody! I LOVE this activity and would not trade it for the world!