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As a busy mother of three, who, prior to finding South Park Boot Camp, would have called herself a sporadic exerciser at best, who never really loved any exercise class before, who was really more of a jogger than a runner, I didn’t really have a workout that I truly enjoyed. I knew it was good for me, but exercise simply felt like another box to be checked.

Then some friends told me about SPBC. I was not sure “boot camp” was the right class for me, but I kept hearing how different it was. I faced my uncertainty and went to the first class. My thoughts? “Wow! These women are dedicated. These women are hard working! They do this regularly?!?! And wow, this is way hard!!”

But along with these thoughts, there was a tiny voice at the back of my mind saying, “Maybe I could try to do this?” Well, fast-forward 2 years and I am now a total SPBC devotee. So just what makes this class so different? I wanted to share all the reasons why I love it.

Fresh morning air! – I love that the classes are held outdoors in the morning. Just being outside is restorative to me. Sometimes I am too busy to spend time outside and this is my fix!

Super fun – So creative, a new combination of cardio and strength training in every single class. (From “Bootie kickers!” to “Down dog push ups!” to “Tank top arms!” or even “Burpies with a ding and a dong!” Just when I think I have tried them all, Susan comes up with one more “little ditty” that is fun and always challenging!)

Exercise companionship- I have met so many nice women- all working hard to build and maintain healthy bodies and minds. And funny! I didn’t know there would be so much laughter involved in going to a boot camp! From Hollywood gossip to daily life with family, this group always finds something to make me laugh out loud.

Susan O’Neill -Susan is so positive and supportive and encouraging to everyone. She believes in fitness as a way of life and it is contagious! She has a way of making you see the importance of maintaining a fit lifestyle and you end up enjoying it in the process.

Awesome workout- Near total exhaustion at the end, but I know I have truly exercised for the day! And every muscle group gets attention, a total body workout for sure.

Feeing of pride after each workout- I did it, I completed another class! My jogging has turned into running and I am happily surprised that I am keeping up.

Convenience- Classes are held 3 days a week when my kids are in school and early on Saturday mornings (before the kids activities start!) and the location is central for me, Carmel Road Park. It is so close to my house that I have no excuses for missing.

Push Ups!- Never in my life could I do push ups, real ones, up on my toes. And now I can do some! Who knew?

Increased energy and good mood- Regular exercise with SPBC has really boosted my energy. And caring for myself physically just makes me feel good. Each class is a deposit into the health bank!

I can say I go to “Boot Camp”- It just sounds so tough! I turn 44 this month and I feel as healthy as I have ever been. It just feels great to be able to exercise with this group!

-A giant thank you to Susan and all the SPBC campers for all the fun exercise!! See you soon at the park!

Carrie, -now a SPBC “regular” !


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