SouthPark Boot Camp is a 45 minute exercise class designed to be challenging for all levels of fitness. Class focuses on elevating your heart rate while strength training, using your body weight as resistance.  A fun way to get in shape and push yourself to a new level of fitness!

SouthPark Boot Camp provides you with the benefits of a personal trainer in a small group fitness environment.  You will push yourself outside of your comfort zone throughout every minute of class.  Small classes provide individual attention and allow for questions to be asked before, during and after classes.  Being instructed by a personal trainer ensures a well-rounded, safe, and dynamic workout.  Classes are often geared to the needs of the clients.  For example, a client can ask for a class focusing on core or on glutes, arms, etc.  The small group setting provides motivation without intimidation.   At only $10/class, the price is right.

Great results are achieved when muscles are worked to fatigue while the heart rate is elevated. Moving muscles in new ways and using different exercises keeps fitness fun and challenging!

Already an athlete? You will push yourself to a new level!

Take time for yourself a couple mornings a week to feel and look great!

Personal Training with Susan and TRX available at the location of your choice.  Fitness assessments and customized workouts designed with the intensity of the SPBC classes.